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Write a Review. Toriko, Volume 1 4. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This is a very nice manga series, enjoyable and silly.

I wish that I could by a digital version of it. But, I cant.

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I have nook simple touch, and soon a nook simple touch with glowlight. The Entire manga, except for the cover is in black and white. So because of this, Im not allowed to buy it for my nook, I have to have a nook tablet or nook color.

Guess that leaves me with one option. Avast yee mateys. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I can't exactly describe what i feel when i read Toriko.

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The charicters are well developed in my opinion and you never know what will become of Toriko and his friends! I recomend reading this manga if you love food, laughing, and adventure! Anonymous More than 1 year ago Toriko is perhaps the most fun manga to read. Though it may not have the best plot or the best character development comparatively of course , this manga is one which I always look forward to reading, both new and already-read volumes.

If you want to have a really good time reading a manga, this is the one for you. TLegg More than 1 year ago I was pleasantly surprised by the start of this series.

Toriko 1: Gourmet Hunter Toriko! | Toriko:Gourment Hunter | Anime, Comics, Manga

The premise of the story is a very interesting one which provides a different type of adventure. It is filled with a lot of action and the action is purely awesome. The art didn't grab me at first but upon reading it I find it fits the story very well and is quite good. I especially love the design for Toriko, the main character, as it is refreshingly different than what I'm used to seeing.

Toriko, Vol. 43

Overall this series seems like it is going to be very awesome and I will definitely read more. ElTigreChino More than 1 year ago A really well thought out series. Interesting plot, great core basis, gourmet foods, hunting, four heavenly kings, its all so awesome. Anonymous More than 1 year ago a great buy.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago This is an awesome action packed series that will excite you and make you hungry for more literally. Anonymous More than 1 year ago.

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